IR Magazine Canada Investor Perception Seminar 2012

Toronto, CANADA / Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fee: C$150

You’ve attended the IR Magazine Canada Awards and examined the Investor Perception Study, Canada 2011 to benchmark your company against others in the market. The next step is to gain insights you can use to get your company onto the stage next year. Attend the IR Magazine Canada Investor Perception Seminar to discuss IR trends and practices with your peers.

Take what you learn back to your company and develop a clear plan for managing shareholder and analyst communications this year. Use actionable insights to demonstrate the tangible value that effective IR can bring to your company. And who knows, next year, your company might just walk away with an award!


In this highly interactive seminar, you will be able to participate in three panel discussions with other IROs from across Canada. Review the most significant issues you face as an IR professional in Canada, and learn how others are planning to overcome them. The seminar is participant-driven and highly focused.

Industry leaders will introduce each topic before participants break out into small roundtable groups to discuss the issues. Each session concludes with a room-wide discussion.

Switching tables at the start of each session ensures maximum opportunity to interact and network with all participants.

Topics will cover:

  • The research behind the IR Magazine Awards
  • Benchmarking your IR program's success
  • How your company can win an IR Magazine Award

       ...and more!

Event features

  • Interactive
  • Educational
  • Exclusive
  • Timely, relevant topics
  • Forum for open discussion


Attendees are leading IR practitioners, many of whom have been highlighted in our IR Magazine Awards research over the years. Each participant is someone with an established track record and a strategic IR role within his or her company.

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Contact Connie Blackman at +1 212 430 6855 to reserve your space at this event. Seating is extremely limited in order to ensure maximum interaction and value for you.