Facebook and Twitter: what IROs need to know

A social media guide for IR professionals

A year or two ago, Facebook and Twitter still seemed like the punch line to a joke, part of a teenager’s world of ‘friends’ and sentiments endorsed with a thumbs-up icon.

By 2010, it was clear that publicly traded companies needed to understand and use social media, both in good times and bad.

IR magazine's guide to Twitter and Facebook, produced with support from Marketwire, is available to download here.


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Social media for corporate communications

Investis has published their first review of the use of social media for corporate communications. It provides the results of their survey of 500 of the biggest publicly listed companies in the UK and the US.

The report includes:

  • best practice for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Slideshare and Pinterest
  • the difference that actively engaging with social media for IR can make
  • the percentage of companies posting different types of corporate content, and much more!
Download the report here >>

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